The island of Vis – events worth attending


Big game fishing is an event that connects sport fishing and evening entertainment. The goal of the tournament is to catch big fishes – tuna, swordfish, shark and similar. Every evening the most successful player and its catch are being presented after which there is a party on the waterfront:


Komiza cultural summer is a programme that encompasses many exhibits, performances, fairs and concerts. Dancing schools in the open and many other attractions and events will surely satisfy everyone’s taste.

Vis cultural summer promotes the island in a suitable way – as an excellent destination for cultural tourism: during the period of 60 days on 10 diverse locations 50 different traditional, educational, cultural, artistic, entertainment and gastro events take place accompanied by pop, rock, world, classical and jazz musicians:


Vis regatta is a traditional annual regatta that every year attracts more than 1000 sail men. It is held as part of the Vis cultural summer programme and there is an entertainment part of the regatta taking place on the town promenade:


Vis swimming marathon is a tradition that takes place in the second part of August. Marathon is 2200m long and you have to swim around the Host island all the way to Carinski gat on the promenade. Participants get a feast and the winners gets rich prizes. Everything is accompanied by solid entertainment and rich gastronomic offer.