Vis, Komiza – excursions and nearby destination


There are many settlements and attractions on the island that are worth looking at. Whether talking about the island inland or its diverse coast filled with hidden coves and caverns you will surely find something that agrees with you.

Excursions to the nearby islands – you can depart from Komiza or Vis and choose a hydro glider trip to the nearby islands Brusnik, Jabuka and Palagruza or you can leave for Brac and Hvar.

Cavern Teuta – visit the karst cavern filled with stalactite and stalagmite. This cavern was never fully discovered. You can depart from Vis or Komiza and on your way you can see the wild nature of the island.

Modra spilja (Blue cavern) – a natural attraction on the island of Bisevo known worldwide. Caverns natural entrance is below sea level and you can get in only by diving. There is also an artificial entrance by which you can enter the cavern by boat. The specificity of this cavern is the reflexion of blue and silver colour that is most attractive at noon time...


Medvidina cavern – a cavern that got its name by the Mediterranean seal monk that used to inhabit the cavern before becoming an endangered species. The cavern is 160m long, very narrow and there is a small strand at the end of the cave...


Green cavern- Zelena spilja – a famous cavern on the island of Ravnik that has an entrance on the top apart from the two entrances that were used for hiding smaller battle ships.

Military tour – because of its isolation and strategic position Vis was in the 20th century a military fort and has many military facilities as proof. With this little trip you will go see the Tito cave, Crvene stine, ARK near Velika Glava, the top of the Hum mount (587) and the old racket base Stupisce. The tour lasts approx. 4 hours.

Historic tours – an excursion for history lovers. Localities that are significant for the island are toured by a van. You see everything from antiquity, English dominion and the era of Tito. The tour last approx. 5h.

The island is filled of excursioning options and other activities. From horseback riding, climbing and absailing on the Red cliffs – Crvene stijene above the town of Komiza and walking routes if you prefer an active holiday to wine tours, searches for hidden coves and caverns and agro tourism if you are more inclined to a peaceful vacation, this island has it all.