Positioned in the deep-lying open port on the western coastline of the island of Vis and at the foot of nearly 600 meter high Mt. Hum, Komiza (with 1667 residents according to 2001 statistics) remains a picturesque Mediterranean town, with narrow streets, attractive stone houses squeezed together along the harbor and numerous beaches. The mild Mediterranean climate makes a stay in Komiza desirable even during the winter months. Along the entire eastern coast of Komiža bay there are many pebble beaches with springs of fresh, flowing water at Gusarica, Nova Posta, and Velo Zalo.

Komiza is known as the birthplace of the fishing masters on the eastern coast of the Adriatic. Not only that her fishermen and their vessels dominated in the region and actively traded with neighboring shores, but, as American immigrants, they were also creating and generating the thriving fishing centers on both the South and North American Pacific coastlines.

Back in 1928, the citizens of Komiza established the Society for the Preservation of the Beauty of Komiza.

The tourist board of Komiža town has registered more than 1,000 beds in the private sector as apartments, studio apartments and private rooms. Available towards the outskirts of the town, adjacent to the town beach lies the modern Hotel Bisevo offering 300 beds in 126 rooms and 5 apartments. The hotel features many amenities, including a Wellness Center and Mini-golf.

In 1993, Komiža became its own municipality and in 1997 it was given a status of town.

The town of Komiža is also comprised of the neighboring villages of Borovik, Duboka, Okljucna, Podhumlje, Podspilje, Zena Glava, and the neighboring islands of Bisevo, Palagruza and Sveti Andrija (also known as Svetac), as well as the volcanic islands of Brusnik and Jabuka.

The maritime zone of Komiža is well-known for its wide selection of fish: the waters surrounding the island of Jabuka are famous as one of the richest condensation of tuna in the area, and all the islands of the Vis archipelago contain large crabs (spiny lobster and American-type lobster) and qualitative fish.

The top Komižan restaurants and family-owned wine cellars would find it impossible not to include these famous offerings from the seas, in addition to the other Dalmatian specialties.

In the last few years, due to the increased interest of tourists and especially nautical tourists on Vis and Bisevo, development of private / agro-tourism activity visibly flourishes while remaining a holistic and peaceful place.

Sports enthusiasts and active types have many options on Vis island, including paragliding, diving excursions, horseback riding, trekking, cricket, as well as a number of possible boat trips to the neighboring islands, all the way to the Diomedic island of Palagruza.


Komiza is a village situated in a deep bay, whose eastern coast abounds with large pebble beaches (Kamenica, Gusarica, Nova Posta, Velo Zalo), Komiža offers excellent visitor opportunities: quality private accommodation and lodging, self catering utilities, apartments and rooms and a number of cultural and historic sites - benedictine monastery Muster, fortress Komuna. It is famous for its fishing tradition and vineyards.

When in Komiza don't forget to visit "Blue Cave" on the facing island of Bisevo and several exciting excursions taking you around the island or to neighbouring smaller islands. If you are diving, amazing are boat wracks in the region of Komiza and Vis accessible with local diving clubs.

Its mild climate, the rich Mediterranean vegetation and the possibility of hare and pheasant hunting, make Vis attractive also in winter.

(SOURCE: komiza-provita.com)